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    • How does SMARTFOX work?

      SMARTFOX automatically detects the excess power of a photovoltaic system and prevents the surplus from simply being fed into the grid by sending it to pre-defined consumers within the household. Heating elements provide a good way of storing excess energy in hot water and thereby save you the cost of buying energy later. The cost savings earned by redirecting excess energy, mean that SMARTFOX quickly and easily saves you a lot of money, while also making you less dependent on the public grid.

    • How much does the system cost?

      The total cost, including installation is approximately €1,500.- although it is an investment that pays for itself! The standard package can reduce the payback period of a photovoltaic plant by up to 10 years.


    • Where can I buy a SMARTFOX?

      Our products can be bought directly by your electrician or from one of our dealers around Europe! Check out our dealer search or contact us now!



    • Can SMARTFOX be installed in an existing photovoltaic system?

      Smartox can be installed in any existing photovoltaic system.

    • Is there a SMARTFOX app?

      Yes! Download the free app now!



    • Can SMARTFOX store energy from the photovoltaic system?

      Yes. The simplest and most common way to store excess energy, is by utilizing hot water. SMARTFOX redirects the exact amount of surplus energy that would otherwise be fed into the grid into, for example, your boiler. The big advantage compared to DC systems is that the power is not only used for water heating, but it can also be used in other consumers in your household. SMARTFOX can also store excess energy via the SMARTFOX Car Charger by continuously sending surplus energy to your electric car. SMARTFOX can also be combined with various other energy storage systems.

    • What is the difference between SMARTFOX REG and SMARTFOX Light?

      Both SMARTFOX REG and SMARTFOX Light have an analog output, although the REG has 4 additional relays which enable you to switch additional consumers on/off. In addition, SMARTFOX REG allows you to see all your data and energy usage on


      Check out our demo login now!


    • What does the SMARTFOX Meter do?

      SMARTFOX meter is the easiest way to complete your home-monitoring. With 5 S0 counters, it is possible to easily and quickly measure hot water, heating, electricity, and heating oil usage.  The meter can be easily integrated into any existing system with or without SMARTFOX. Thus, this simple addition allows you to easily monitor and visualize your utility costs and usage. SMARTFOX meter can also be implemented to measure your photovoltaic system’s energy production!

    • Is SMARTFOX an Austrian product?

      SMARTFOX was developed and is produced by an Austrian company that has more than 10 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics and energy optimization.



    • How long does amortization(payback) of the photovoltaic system with SMARTFOX take?

      A 5kWp photovoltaic system with SMARTFOX pays off, on average, about 10 years earlier than a plant without SMARTFOX, even with the additional investment of approximately €1,500.

    • Can I use SMARTFOX with my hydroelectric power plant?

      SMARTFOX can be used in conjunction with any power plant that is connected to the grid (e.g. wind turbines, thermoelectric generators, etc.).


    • Which devices can I control with SMARTFOX?

      SMARTFOX’s first priority is heating and utilizing hot water. Therefore, heaters, heat pumps, water heaters, pool pumps, etc. can be controlled via SMARTFOX. SMARTFOX can also switch other consumers, such as air conditioners, circulating pumps or various household appliances, on or off.



    • Can I measure my self-consumption during the day/night with SMARTFOX?

      With SMARTFOX, you can measure the self-consumption consumption of a home/building. Therefore, SMARTFOX can help you plan and choose the correct sized photovoltaic plant. If you already have a photovoltaic system you can use our online portal to see an overview of your energy usage -  your energy produced, your energy consumed, etc.



    • How does SMARTFOX control the heating element?

      SMARTFOX controls the heating element via power controller and directs the exact amount of surplus energy coming from your photovoltaic system to the heating element. Additional consumers (for example, multiple heating elements) can be connected via the additional relays.



    • Which heating elements are compatible with SMARTFOX?

      Any ohmic heating element with a thermostat and a safety thermostat can be used.



    • Can I control SMARTFOX remotely?

      Yes, it is possible both via our online portal ( as well as with our new app.


    • Is a heating pump (4:1) more efficient than a heating element (1:1)?

      SMARTFOX can either regulate a modular heating pump or a heating pump with a specific nominal power (with the help of relays).  To increase the efficiency of your system, it is optimal to heat your water to 50° with the heating pump, and anything above that with the surplus energy transferred via the heating element. In this way, the operating hours of the heating pump are reduced. With a heating element it is also possible to heat the buffer tank up to 80°C, which allows even more energy to be saved.


    • Can I control SG-Ready heat pumps with SMARTFOX?

      Yes, SG-Ready heat pumps can be controlled with SMARTFOX. We recommend increasing the target value via relay contact.

    • Do you also have remote-controlled sockets?

      Our development team is working on creating a wireless socket solution that communicates via WLAN.

    • I already have a thermal solar plant for warm water, so wouldn’t a photovoltaic plant would be redundant?

      Photovolatic plants have a very high level of efficiency because of their weak-light performance, that means more energy can be produced during winter and especially in spring and fall. That is why it is a useful addition to the thermal solar plant. A photovoltaic system can also efficiently produce energy at low temperatures as well when it is cloudy, because direct sunlight is not necessary.

    • Can SMARTFOX control a battery charge regulator?

      SMARTFOX can be used in connection with a battery charge regulator. SMARTFOX will send the surplus energy to predefined consumers and it also provides a clear overview via our online monitoring portal.


    • If I buy a DC system I don’t need an inverter, wouldn’t that be simpler and cheaper?

      The big advantage of using SMARTFOX compared to a DC system, is that you are not limited to only heating water, but you can also use energy in other consumers in your household. The big difference with DC systems is that the photovoltaic system’s energy can only be used for hot water and you do not have monitoring, relays, the ability to charge an electric car, an app and more often than not, the existing heating element cannot be used.


    • Where will  SMARTFOX be installed?

      SMARTFOX can be installed directly in the main cabinet. If there is no more space in the main cabinet, the SMARTFOX can be installed in a sub-cabinet or elsewhere. Also, because the measurement of currents happens in the main cabinet, we offer transducer extensions if they are necessary.

    • Can I extend my current transducer?

      Yes, we offer a current transducer extension.


    • How do I install the current transducer?

      The current transducers must be attached after the meter to the L1, L2, and L3 phases. The current transducers are marked with K (power plant) or L (load). The arrow on the transducer shows the load/consumer direction on one side and the counter/power plant direction on the white side of the transducer.


    • Are the current transducers included?

      Current transducers of up to 80A are included with the purchase of SMARTFOX.

    • Can I measure a higher maximum power than 80A with SMARTFOX?

      With additional current transducers, currents of up to 1000A can be measured.

    • What is the maximum power I can measure with SMARTFOX?

      With the supplied current transducers (80A), power of up to 50 kW, can be measured. With additional current transducers currents of up to 1000A can be measured, which is an output of approximately 690 kW.


    • My SMARTFOX is displaying an incorrect power value…

      1. Turn off the photovoltaic system with the DC switch.

      2. Go to your SMARTFOX and click the right arrow until the display shows you individual values (P W/kW A/B/C).

      3. Check the individual values (all values should be positive).

      If a negative value is displayed, check the corresponding current transducer. Also check if the SMARTFOX is measuring each phase. The wire on which the current transducer was attached, must be connected to the corresponding terminal on the SMARTFOX – L1 to L1, L2 to L2, etc. If this does not solve the issue, check the voltage connections to the SMARTFOX.


    • How much power can I run directly through the relay contact?

      The switching current of the relay is 5A/250VAC or 10A/125VAC. For higher currents, an additional relay contact must be added.

    • How far away can the power controller be from the SMARTFOX?

      We would recommend that the distance be no more than 20m, but cables up to 40m are available.

    • What size cross-section should be used during installation?

      We would recommend a cable no thicker than 2.5mm2 (max. 9 kW).



    • Do I need a shielded cable for the control line?

      We would recommend that you use a shielded cable.


    • What do I do with the relays?

       Using the relays, consumers can be switched on/off when excess energy is available. Common consumers include: heat pump / SG Ready, air conditioners, heaters, pool pump, ventilation systems, etc.

    • How do I set the relays?

      The relays can be configured either directly on the device or via our web interface More specific information about setting the relays can be found in the installation manual.


    • What does the analog relay (R0) function do?

      The analog relay function allows two heating elements to be consecutively operated via power controller. It replaces the thermostat switch with the second heating element.

    • Which settings do I need to configure for the heating element?

      The following settings must be configured:

      •  Nominal power of the heating element

      • Target value

      • Control mode

      More specific information about setting R0 can be found in the installation manual.

    • How do I configure the network interface?

      The network interface is automatically configured, although the router DHCP must be activated. If you would like to input a specific IP address, you have to deactivate “DHCP” on the SMARTFOX and input the desired IP address.


    • Does SMARTFOX have an NTP function?

      The system’s internal clock is synchronized once a day via FTP server.

    •  Can I turn the outputs on at a specific time?

      To turn an output on at a specific time, you have to set the “forced start” function on the SMARTFOX or at in the device settings.


    • Does SMARTFOX have weather forecasting?

      A weather forecast is not currently provided.

    • How can I update my SMARTFOX?

      Hold down the left and right arrow buttons for 10 seconds, when the screen begins to flash, the update has started.



    • Where can I find my device’s current firmware version?

      Online at

       Settings -> My Devices -> Version


       On the device:

      Using the left and right arrows, click through the various screens until you see The current firmware version will be shown on the second line.

    • Can I update my SMARTFOX via the network?

      Every SMARTFOX that has the firmware version EMeterHC 12.0.1c or newer can be updated via the network.


    • Where can I find the software files?

      Look for the files on the SD card with the ending “.bin” or download them from


    • How can I reset my password?

      Go to and click on "forgot password"  or click on the following link:


    • Where can I change my password?

      Log into and click on settings:

      Settings -> My Profile -> Change Password

    • Which inverters are able to send data directly to SMARTFOX and

      The following inverters’ data can be directly read and displayed by SMARTFOX:

      Fronius Symo

      Fronius Hybrid

      Kostal Piko


    • I just registered on the website, but did not get a confirmation email.

      Check your spam box first. Under certain circumstances, the confirmation could have been blocked. Otherwise log in again and make sure that you have entered a valid e-mail address. If you are still having problems registering, please contact our customer service: +43 6458 20 160.

    • How do I add a Fronius Inverter to my web monitoring?

      Detailed instructions can be found in the following PDF link:


    • What should I do if my SMARTFOX isn’t sending data or is sending incorrect data to the server?

      Check the network connection.

       Check the server IP:

       If this doesn’t help, please contact our support team: +43 6458 20 160


    • The heating element is not working.

      Check if it is connected correctly.

       Check the safety thermostat – occasionally it can turn off and must be turned back on.

      Check that all of the heating element settings have been completely set.

      Check the “ANALOG OUT” settings, and make sure that it is set to “AUTOMATIC”


      If the heating element is still not working, a component may be defect. In this case, please contact our

      Support Team:  +43 6458 20 160.

    • My SMARTFOX is displaying special characters.

      Please update your SMARTFOX with the latest firmware. If this does not solve the issue, please contact our

      Support Team: +43 6458 20 160.

    • My SMARTFOX is working, but it isn’t displaying any values on the screen.

      Please update your SMARTFOX with the latest firmware. If there is still a problem, please contact our

      Support Team: +43 6458 20 160

    • I cannot find my SMARTFOX on the network.

      Please check the network connection as well as the network settings on your SMARTFOX (Router IP/subnetmask). If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team: +43 6458 20 160

    • The SD Card in my SMARTFOX keeps turning off.

      The memory card is either full or there is no available root folder. Format the SD card to FAT32 and put it in again.


    • The update will not start.

      Hold the left and right arrow buttons down for 10 seconds.

       When the screen begins to flash, then the update has begun. If you are still having problems, please call our

      Support Team: +43 6458 20 160



    •  What can the SMARTFOX Car Charger do?

      The SMARTFOX Car Charger allows you to use excess energy from your photovoltaic system to charge your electric car, which in turn increases your home's energy efficiency substantially!


    • Which electric car models are compatible with the SMARTFOX Car Charger?

      Every electric car with a Type 2 charging plug can be charged with the SMARTFOX Car Charger.

    • At what point can I begin to load with excess energy?

      The minimum charging power of cars with Type 2 plugs is standardized (EN 62196). Electric cars load continuously beginning from 1.3kW 1-phase and 4.3kW 3-phase. To continuously charge with excess energy, you must have a photovoltaic plant that produces more than the minimum load power.


      (Example:. TESLA Model S: 4.3 kW minimum load power;recommended PV-Power: min. 10 kWp)






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