SMARTFOX’s intelligent technology automatically redirects your excess solar energy so that a larger portion of it can be used within your own home.


Energy produced by a photovoltaic system can either be used in your home or sent back into the grid. By using as much of your own energy as possible, you save yourself the cost of buying energy from the grid. This is where SMARTFOX’s intelligent technology comes in. SMARTFOX is, in principal, very simple. It continuously measures the amount of unused energy from your photovoltaic system. Using this data, SMARTFOX sends the exact amount of excess energy to a defined consumer within your household.






SMARTFOX redistributes available energy to individual consumers in your household.


Therefore, the excess energy is consumed and not sent back into the grid. A washing machine is a good example of a typical consumer that can be controlled to improve energy efficiency. It uses a large amount of energy and for most people it is not particularly important when it is running. So why not turn it on when your solar energy is available? That is why SMARTFOX turns your washing machine on, as soon as excess solar energy is measured from your photovoltaic system. So even when you are not at home, you have the ability to turn consumers on and off.

"SMARTFOX's intelligent technology automatically redirects your excess solar energy so that a larger portion of it can be used within your own home."

Using water as a practical and economical way to store excess energy from your photovoltaic system.


A key element that SMARTFOX uses to increase efficiency, are devices with hot water such as boilers and heat pumps. The advantage of these consumers is that they can save energy and are continuously controllable. If your solar energy is not being used, these consumers provide ideal energy storage – in the element of water. SMARTFOX can also manage energy to continuously charge electric cars with excess power.**

Energy Usage

Welcome to the next generation of energy efficiency.


Would you like to optimize the energy efficiency of your photovoltaic system, instead of simply sending excess energy into the grid? Then SMARTFOX is the perfect product for you. Our team would love to give you more information and to answer any questions you may have! Get in touch with us now!


**Note: The minimum charging power of electric cars with Type 2 plugs is standardized (EN 62196). Electric cars load continuously beginning from 1.3kW 1-phase or 4.3 kW 3-phase. To continuously charge your electric car with excess energy, you must have a photovoltaic plant that produces more than the minimum load power.



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