With SMARTFOX, you invest in a system that is equipped for the future and expandable – the first extensions are already in development.


The idea behind the development of SMARTFOX, was the optimization of existing solar technology to make homes more efficient. Our technology increases the self-consumption of solar power generated by your system, which in turn, increases your saving, making solar energy more attractive overall. In order to promote the dissemination of photovoltaic systems, we are working on innovative products that make use of solar energy easier and more efficient.

Our innovative, energy-efficient solutions are the future of solar energy.


From the beginning we were interested in combining e-mobility and energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic power plants. Early on, we laid the foundation for the combination of these two technologies and that is why SMARTFOX already provides continuous ** e-car charging.

"We bring the charging station to you - charge your electric car with excess solar energy from your own photovoltaic system."

We bring the charging station to you – charge your electric car with excess solar energy from your own photovoltaic system.


Since the use and development of e-cars are especially important to us, we have been working hard to find a unique solution that incorporates the use of electric cars. The SMARTFOX Car Charger has been in the market now since the first quarter of 2015. It can continuously **, depending on the selected priority, power your electric vehicle with in-house solar power. Therefore, you now have the ability to charge your electric car exclusively with excess solar energy.






Our technologies are developed for our users’ individual needs.


Our charging station for electric cars are equipped with various useful features that allow you to adjust the charging behavior to fit your needs. Quick charging functions are, of course, also taken into account. If you would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Optimize your energy consumption by charging your electric car with excess solar energy!


**Note: The minimum charging power of electric cars with Type 2 plugs is standardized (EN 62196). Electric cars load continuously beginning from 1.3kW 1-phase or 4.3 kW 3-phase. To continuously charge your electric car with excess energy, you must have a photovoltaic plant that produces more than the minimum load power.



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