A solar energy system produces free electricity for its owners, but only when the sun is shining - thus creating the challenge efficiently using the energy when it is available.


The best and most economical way to use self-generated solar energy is by consuming it within your own home. Feeding unused energy into the public grid is remunerated at a comparatively low rate. Also when solar energy is available and when power is needed are not necessarily the same. One solution would be to intermediately store the unused power of the photovoltaic system until it is needed. Such options do exist, but they are very expensive and therefore, for most homeowners, are not an economical choice. The technology in SMARTFOX provides an intelligent, cost and energy efficient solution for this problem.

Amortization Time

SMARTFOX reduces the amortization period of your photovoltaic system by up to 10 years.


As an intelligent consumption control system, SMARTFOX redirects excess solar energy to various consumers within your home or business. By redistributing excess energy SMARTFOX reduces your reliance on the the public grid. You can consume up to 97% of the energy produced from your photovoltaic system, while also continuously reducing your costs. The higher the self consumption, the shorter the payback period. With SMARTFOX’s intelligent technology, your photovoltaic system pays itself, in spite of the additional investment, up to 10 years earlier.

"The best, most economical way to use self-generated solar energy,

is by consuming it within your own home."

Water as a storage medium for solar energy - the secret behind SMARTFOX’s high level of efficiency.


To improve efficiency SMARTFOX primarily uses boilers and heat pumps with hot water, because such devices are continuously controllable. Thus, it transforms the element of water into a very efficient energy storage medium. Continuous charging of electric vehicles can now also be easily implemented.**






Become independent and invest in the future of energy efficiency!


SMARTFOX can be easily integrated into existing photovoltaic systems and pays for itself in a short amount of time. If you have any questions about our products or would like more technical details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send us a message via the contact page or give us a call – we look forward to meeting you!

Optimize your energy efficiency now!


**Note: The minimum charging power of electric cars with Type 2 plugs is standardized (EN 62196). Electric cars load continuously beginning from 1.3kW 1-phase or 4.3 kW 3-phase. To continuously charge your electric car with excess energy, you must have a photovoltaic plant that produces more than the minimum load power.



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