SMARTFOX Car Charger

Optimize your solar energy consumption while also charging your electric car!

*Direct orders are only possible within Germany. When ordering from outside of Germany, please use our dealer search.

Solar Energy & Electric Car Charging

On average, 70% of a PV system's energy produced is sent back to the grid.

90% of electric cars are charged at home.

The SMARTFOX Car Charger gives you the best of both worlds, quick and reliable charging when you need it, but also the ability to charge your electric car with the solar energy you aren't using. Therefore you can optimize your solar energy consumption, while also making sure your electric car is always ready to go. SMARTFOX, an intelligent energy consumption regulator, measures your photovoltaic system’s exact amount of excess energy and continuously redirects it to the SMARTFOX Car Charger.* The Car Charger has a type-2 plug and is compatible with many electric cars, for example, the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3. Type-1 plugs are also available upon request. Check out our charging capacity index below for more specific information.

Two Charging Modes

The SMARTFOX Car Charger can be set to solar charging or quick charging via our online-portal My SMARTFOX, with our new app or with an optional switch that can be installed along with the SMARTFOX Car Charger. You can also set maximum charging current directly on the device.

Solar Charging

When set to solar charging, the SMARTFOX Car Charger charges your electric car exclusively with the surplus energy coming in from your photovoltaic plant.

Quick Charging

If you need your electric car charged in a hurry, set the charger to quick charging, which will charge your car in a short time, making sure you reach your maximum range.

Technical Specifications

Type 2 Plug - 22kW

Multicolor Status LED & Display

Internal Ethernet Port

Charging Cable - 6m

DC Leakage Detector

Measurements [W/H/D]

240mm x 490mm x 140mm


ca. 4.8kg

Nominal Power


Power Supply

3x230/400VAC 50Hz




Multicolor LED & Display


10/100 Mbits/s Ethernet LAN-Port

Protection Class


Operating Temperature Range

-25° to +40°

Socket Type

Type 2 Plug in accordance with

EN 62196-1 and VDE-AR-E2623-2-2


DC Leakage Protector

**Note: The minimum charging power of electric cars with Type 2 plugs is standardized (EN 62196). Electric cars load continuously beginning from 1.3kW 1-phase or 4.3 kW 3-phase. To continuously charge your electric car with excess energy, you must have a photovoltaic plant that produces more than the minimum load power.

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